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Colour Revolt, A New Recipe for Melancholy Entertainment.

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First, get yourself a big iron skillet. Turn the heat up to medium and grab a heaping spoonful of Radiohead. After the pan gets hot, cut off a generous slab of Pearl Jam throw it in the pan sautéing it until golden brown and crispy. Season with a pinch 80’s pop style vocals – making sure to include just a hint of David Byrne when you do. When finished cooking, plate the entrée on a bed of Arcade Fire with a small garnish of Rush style bass lines and viola! Colour Revolt!

The band’s first full-length release is called “Plunder, Beg, and Curse”, and if you’re looking for something brand new that oddly feels like you’ve heard it before you should pick it up. Not saying it’s “bad”, in fact some bits are quite interesting (yes, I used the word “interesting” – read into that what you will.)

The album has been in my regular rotation for the past couple weeks, but I’m not certain how long it will stay there. In fact, I think it’s just about worn out it’s welcome. On first listen the work is edgy, moody, and emphatic. Driving guitars combined with brooding synths and lyrics create a strong initial draw, but after time feel somewhat tiresome. I mean how long can you really stay so pissed or so sullen?

Bottom line… Colour Revolt, good band? Not bad – quite tight, focused, technically sharp – give ‘em a shot. Just make sure to have your happy pills handy afterwards, or if you’re already in a down state when you hit play, don’t do anything stupid. 



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