Breaking Laces – My Best Kept Secret

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Breaking Laces

Breaking Laces holds the place of number 1 or 2 among my list of top 5 indie acts. In fact, I’m such a fan I found it difficult to write this review. Writing a review (in my opinion) demands an honest and fair view of both the highpoints and low points of the subject, and as lame as this sounds, I have a hard time coming up with low points for Breaking Laces.

So here’s the quick summary…

Poppy? Sometimes.

Acoustic? Yup, but more-so in the older albums.

Electric? Definitely. Great hooks. Willem kicks the distortion up on that acoustic and things get loud. Rob’s bass-lines add just the right amount of punch and groove without forcing the issue. Seth’s beats are clean, solid, and provide just the right motivation, and the rhythm section in general is solid as granite.

Heartfelt? I like “honest” better (see below.)

Amusing? From time to time.

Buy it? Definitely. ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Sohcahtoa’ are my favorites. Must listen tracks include: “Call You Home”, “Shack Up SOS”, “Get Up Today”, “God In Training”, “Plain Jane”, “Meagan”, “Where’s Her Mind”, “Global Warming Day”, and “One Way Out.” Generally speaking, ‘Operation Income’ and ‘Astronomy is my life, but I love you’ lack some of the energy in the other two releases, but still quite good in their own rites. For the most part their music leans towards the lighter side, I just happen to like when they turn up the groove and the distortion.

More Rambling…

Three words continually came to mind as I thought about how to possibly describe this act… The first was “natural”, the second was “honest”, and the third was “clean.”
Natural because these guys are, in every way, natural muscians. I’ve been able to catch ‘em live several times and own all of their releases. Every aspect of the band – from the music, the lyrics, the performance, and even their demeanor, is just natural. It’s easy and unforced. These guys are talented, creative, have something to say and simply go about saying it.

Honest because the band simply strikes you as 3 guys who love playing music – their music, and they’re not trying to be anything but who they are. The lyrics feel like pages lifted from every twist and turn of their own lives. If you listen across all of the albums you’ll know exactly what I mean.

And clean mostly referring to playing style. All of the music ignores extra ‘ornamentation.’ What’s there are only the bits that should be – the bits that matter – the pieces or the accents that are purposeful and that’s it. Clean also referrs to playing style. These guys are very talented, professional muscians. Their performances feel like clockwork and convey a feeling of dedication to what they’re doing.

Ok… No more rambling. Go listen, come up with your own opinion, and tell me if I’m wrong.


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